Big Announcement by Reliance Jio, Welcome Offer Extended, Jio SIM Home Delivery

Big Announcement by Reliance Jio, Welcome Offer Extended, Jio SIM Home Delivery: – We all know that Jio SIM welcome offer was going to end on 31st December 2016. But Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani spread the smile on more than crore faces by his wonderful announcement of extending to Jio Welcome Offer. Although Jio Welcome offer will end on 3 December 2016. But Reliance has announced a new offer called Happy New Year Offer. It will let new or old users to use the Jio services for free till 31st March 2016. That means, all the Jio users will get free data and calls for free until March 31, 2016.

Big Announcement by Reliance Jio about Welcome Offer
Big Announcement by Reliance Jio about Welcome Offer

Earlier, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), which regulates all the telecom companies, said that welcome offer can’t be offered more than 90 days. That’s we got this big announcement from Reliance Jio. TRAI also instructed to end the Welcome Offer on December 3.

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This is big weakness in Indian Law that Reliance took a big U turn. They got ready to end the Welcome Offer. But the same the day the announced Happy New Year Offer which is similar to Welcome Offer. Stay tune with us to full updates of Jio Sim.

Well, that’s good for internet users. It is the biggest announcement by Reliance Jio. So far, so good. If Reliance Jio Welcome Offer is ending, it doesn’t mean that free service will also end. There are few scenarios for the new and existing user of Jio SIM cards. Let’s have a look on all the scenarios of Jio SIM latest news.

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1: Free Jio data for Existing Users until 31st December 2016

When reliance launched Jio with Welcom Offer, it promised to give service for free until December 31st. But this offer was against the TRAI guidelines. So TRAI asked to Reliance to end its Jio Welcome Offer.

Now existing and new customers will get a new plan. But this will also give free services until 31st December. Mukesh Ambani, Reliance Chairman has also confirmed it. The official of company had earlier said in a press conference, “As per RJIL’s filing with the TRAI, the JIO WELCOME OFFER (JWO) will be available to all the customers for subscription till December 3, 2016. RJIL wishes to reconfirm that JWO benefits of free unlimited voice and data will continue to be available to all subscribers till December 31, 2016. The consumers, who cannot subscribe to the RJIL services till 3rd December 2016 will continue getting opportunities to avail new offers and tariff plans from RJIL.”

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  1. New Users will pay

There are big possibilities that new users will have to pay for Jio services. The existing user will continue to get free Jio services until 31st December. But new users who will buy Jio SIM cards after December 3, 2016 they will probably pay for the services.

  1. Existing and New Users Won’t Pay until March 2017

This is the most interesting scenario but it is also quite possible. From 4th December 2016 Jio will move all existing and new customers to a new offer. It may be give free services for more 90 days. As we told there are a lot of loopholes in Indian system. Reliance may be going to use these loopholes to provide free services to its customers until March 2017.

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  1. Everyone will pay from December 4

It doesn’t seem to be happened because it will destroy the trust of customers in Reliance Jio. It could cause a big loss to Jio brand. Reliance promised for free services for the users of its new product Jio until 31st December 2016. If they will break the promise, it may force users to move for other telecom companies. Jio also can blame TRAI for the whole incident. But it won’t be nice, but it may sympathize the brand.

Conclusion of these all points If you’re a new or existing user of Jio SIM card, you shouldn’t worry. We just express our thoughts what could be possible after 31st December 2016. You keep using your Jio SIM cards without worrying. But you should also prepare yourself to pay for the service may be after December 3rd or 31st.

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