Big Boss 10 10th December 2016 Live Updates Salman’s Anger for Swami Om, Big Boss 8 Finalist Krishma Tanna

Big Boss 10 10th December 2016 Live Updates Salman’s Anger for Swami Om, Big Boss 8 Finalist Krishma Tanna

Dear readers, we are back for you with latest updates of BB10 10th Dec 2016. Today we will tell you all about Big Boss 10 hottest incidences. What happened in Big Boss 10 10th December 2016? Are you wannn know about what’s hot in BB10 10 Dec 2016? Stay tune with us we will give your each and every update of BB10 10th Dec 2016.

Big Boss 10 10th December 2016 Live Updates Salman’s Anger for Swami Om
Big Boss 10 10th December 2016 Live Updates Salman’s Anger for Swami Om

Yesterday we watched argument between Gaurav and Swami Om ji. Gaurav told him to urinate in open and Swami did. Salman scold him today a lot for this. Salman was too angry and he says too much to Swami. But Swami seems not to be affected with all this.

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The half season of Big Boss 10 has passed away. Competition among contestants is getting tougher day by day. Everyone is playing one’s own game and politics. Salman also mentioned this one of his statements. New teams are reforming and old teams are smashing. It’s a new phase of the show. If you have missed BB10 10 Dec 2016, you should watch the retelcast of BB10 10th Dec 2016.

Today everyone expresses one’s view about oneself, housemate and environment of the house.

Salman also talks about death of Mannu’s mom. It is big loss for Mannu.. Condolences.

Did you remember nomination of this week of BB10 10 Dec 2016.

Lopa, Priyanak, Manveer, Sahil, Bani, Nitibha..

More than half of the housemates are nominated for the elimination process of BB10 10 Dec 2016.

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Captaincy in Big Boss 10 is the hardest task ever of any reality shows. Whoever becomes the captain of Big Boss 10 house, one will have to face the hardest time of Big Boss as a captain. If anyone becomes the captain, he gets one benefit of not nominating for the elimination process.

Today everyone gathers in the hall for meeting. Salman listens everyone and every contestant of Big Boss 10 share ones views.

Big Boss 10 10th December 2016 Live Updates Salman’s Anger for Swami Om
Big Boss 10 10th December 2016 Live Updates Salman’s Anger for Swami Om

Swami Om says that celebrities are bullying to India wale.

Priyanka becomes the new captain of Big Boss 10 house in latest episode of BB10 10th Dec 2016.

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Lopa says that Rahul Bhedchal Me Vishwas Rakhta Hai. When everyone was voting for Gaurav, Rahul also says that we should vote for Gaurav.

Salman says that Captain is not a role. It’s a source to get immunity for one more week. It’s true as we mentioned before. If you’re a captain, you won’t be nominated in that week.

Salman asks to Bani, “People says that you’re a walk out queen.”

She says, “I like to walk out instead of argument. My patience is running very low.”

Salman advices to Bani that she should be strong emotionally. Emotions will cause damage for her popularity.

Salman says that Bani shows herself like a victim. She doesn’t like to fight.

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Salman also calls to Swami Om in the dock for questioning.

There are so many accusations at Swami Om Ji. Salaman says that he has done so many wrong things still. He is doing everything to stay in the house and get immunity. He is getting popular but negatively.

Swami Om Ji says, “I will stay in the house till 28th Dec 2016. I’m so famous outside and people like me.”

All of us know that Swami Om calls to Lopamudra, “Badsurat.” Salman scold a lot to Swami. Salman was too irritated today in BB10 10 Dec 2016.

Swamin keeps repeating, “Salman Ji Me Aapka Bhakt Hu.”

Salman also talks about his issue with Bani. Did you know Swami called Bani “Teri Maa Mar Jayegi.”

Salman says that he doesn’t behave like a Baba (Monk).

Salman apologies to Bani on behalf of Swami Om Ji.

Salman also questions him for urinating in open area and he scolds him for doing such shit types of acts. This was a very interesting episode of BB10 10 Dec 2016.

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ABP News Anchor Dibang also visits the show to share his views about Big Boss 10. Dibang is a great fan of Big Boss and he follows each and every moment of the show. Finalist of Big Boss 8 krishma Tanna also makes her appearance in the show to share her views about housemates of Big Boss 10.

Salman asks to Krishma that who’s playing fair in the house. Krishma goes for Bani and says that she is alone worrier. She expects too much from people. She shouldn’t do that. She also calls Manveer name for playing natural.

Dibang says that Swami Om Ji is playing only for footage. Big Boss should be prepare to face Swami Om Ji acts. Salman says that Swami is ‘Shatir’. But Dibang says he is more than Shatir. Swami should be use for shatir.

Now we should talk about elimination of Big Boss 10 10th Dec 2016. What do you think about eliminated contestant of Big Boss 10? Share your views about elimination BB10 10th Dec 2016.

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