Big Boss 10 2nd December 2016, Written Updates, Gaurav and Mannu Scrimmage & Accident

Big Boss 10 2nd December 2016, Written Updates, Gaurav and Mannu Scrimmage & Accident

We daily bring latest written updates of Big Boss 10. Today we are again here for your entertainment. Stay tune with us to know today what’s hot happened inside house of Big Boss 10 2nd Dec 2016 and get Live Feed of Big Boss 10.

 Big Boss 10 2nd December 2016, Written Updates, Hot Incidents
Big Boss 10 2nd December 2016, Written Updates, Hot Incidents

Day 47 6:30 AM The day stars with Big Boss 10 music. Everyone leaves bed. Mona and Swami Om ji are dancing. Stay on our site to read Big Boss 10 written updates of latest episode.

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Day 47 9:30 AM The same hot discussion between Gaurva and Mannu goes on. Mannu also put his views.

11:45 AM The hot beauties Nitibha and Lopa appear in Bikini. They are in swimming pool. Lopa is calling Priyanka for buzzing. But Priyanka’s leg hit to concrete of swimming pool. She cries with pain. Lopa accepts her mistake and say sorry to Priyanka.

12:30 AM It seems Priyanka got little bit hard injury in her right leg. Lopa and Nitibha accept that they spoiled the fun. Priyanka lies down on the floor and Priyanka cries very badly. Nitibha and Lopa try to convince her. The drama king Swami Om ji makes his appearance. He shouts at Lopa. Stay tune with us to get latest written updates of Big Boss 10 2nd December 2016.

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12:15 PM Swami Om ji cries and said that bullying is going on inside the house. Sahil tries to make him understand that everything is okay. Don’t forget to watch latest MP4 videos of Big Boss 10 2nd December 2016.

12:45 AM The challengers are still inside the house. Lopa and Swami Om ji fight again. Swami doesn’t care about anything. Nitibha and Lopa are trying to handle the situation. But Swami Om Ji interferes. It makes angry to Lopa.

1:00 PM Nitibha and Lopa are talking with Priyanka. Swami Om ji makes his stunning appearance once again. Swami ji says, “Pahle goli maar do or fir sorry. Kaho. Ye kaha ki baat hui.”

Priyanka complaints she has pain but nobody cares.

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Lopa apologies for her mistake and says, “ Tumhe injury hui uske liye. I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart.”

Baba ji asks to speak in Hindi. But Lopa says, “Abe tu chup reh yarr.”

It was a big insult of Baba Swami Om Ji.

They fight and Priyanak doesn’t get time to live in peace even she can’t able to eat. Lopa leaves the place throwing tissue paper on Baba ji.

2:00 PM Rohan, Mona, Mannu and Nitibha are having lunch. All the housemates gather in the hall. Discussion starts about the same captaincy.

Guarav comes ahead to put his views at the process of any task. Baba ji again interferes. Guarav pours his tube in the flask. You can download MP4 videos of Big Boss 10 2nd Dec 2016 to watch latest episode.

Big Boss announces that Gaurav and Manveer are nominated for captaincy. They will have to compete in a drawing contest to make stronger to their nominations.

2:30 PM Baba Ji argues with Lopa. Lopa says him to get his tone little down. Lopa also asks why he interferes in her issue with Priyanka.

Swami Om ji put question on Lopa’s ethics. But Lopa says that she doesn’t throw tissue paper role on him. Baba ji says, “Tumhara nishana Kamjor tha”. But Lopa says, “Mera nishana kamjor nahi tha. Me ek basketball player hu. Or me tissue paper muh per b maar sakti thi. I never missed my any shot.” She also claims that she has more maturity than him. She says that she will slap Baba ji if he won’t stop his stupid activities. Stay tune with us for Big Boss 10 Live Feed. You can download videos of Big Boss 10 to watch latest episode.

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5:45 PM Nitibha reads Big Boss’ notice of captaincy contest. This is time to give captain to housemates. A canvass is given in the garden area for both of the contestants to compete for captain’s post.

6:00 PM Everyone is in the garden. The gossip is going on among the housemates. Gaurav paints the canvas with blue paint and Manveer with yellow. Hand holding starts between both of the contestants because Big Boss instructions book says any of the contestants can stop to one. Both of the contestants can paint one another painting area of canvass. The colour of the canvass had changed into parrot green.

Big Boss 10 2nd December 2016, Written Updates, Gaurav and Mannu Scrimmage & Accident

7:45 PM Both of the contestants have filled the canvass with colours. As we expected above, very soon the hand holding changes into scuffle. Manveer’s head hit the floor.

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Amazing Baba ji congratulates to Gaurav for winning the game. You’re getting what’s hot in Big Boss house

8:00 PM Ohhh what’s this? Mona is crying for her friend Mannu. All the full episodes of Big Boss 10 2nd December 2016 are available. Visit official site.

Big Boss stops the task as per the doctor’s instructions and asks Lopa who won the contest.

Lopa refuses to select the winner because the task couldn’t complete completely and colour was completely green. Manveer says that Gaurav is not responsible for his injury.

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Gaurav becomes new captain of Big Boss 10 house. Manveer played very well. He really showed that he is Gurjar. 3GP videos of Big Boss 10 2nd December 2016 can be downloaded from the official site of Big Boss 10 or youtube.

8:15 AM Mannu and Manveer are discussing about the plan of Manveer. Priyanka and Mona also make their appearance. Priyanka appreciates the game of Manveer.

Wow!! Mind blowing game by Manveer.

Priyanka and Lopa cry. Lopa says she is responsible for Manveer’s injury.

Gaurav comes to Manveer and says he is not responsible for everything. He never wants the end of this game like this. He doesn’t want to be captain. He is ready to sacrifice captaincy for Manveer.

11:30 PM Gaurav announces Big Boss 10 Luxury Budget. Big Boss cut off 1200 points from the Jio money account due to the bad behaviour of housemates with each other. But Big Boss also added 200 more points for the performance of Manveer and Gaurav. Big Boss 10 HD Videos are also available. You can download from official site.

3:15 AM Very late night, Lopa and Mannu are discussing for post of Khalnayak.

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She says that we should nominate Gaurav for the seat of Khalnayak because he doesn’t have humanity. He didn’t come forward to help Manveer. He continued painting in spite of helping.

That’s all for the episode 48 of Big Boss 10 2 December 2016. This was the hottest episode of Big Boss 10. Tomorrow we will definitely going to watch something really incredible from the house of Big Boss 10. Big Boss 10 MP 4 Videos are also available you can visit official site.

Don’t forget to share our post with your loving ones. Thank you for visiting our site. Stay tune with us to know more about Big Boss 10 latest episode. You can also watch full episode of Big Boss 10 2nd December only on official Youtube page of Colors TV.

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