Big Boss 10 30 Nov 2016 Live Episode 46, Written Updates, Hot Incidents

Big Boss 10 30 Nov 2016 Live Episode 46, Written Updates, Hot Incidents: – We brought to you India’s No. 1 show written updates of show Big Boss 10 30 Nov 2016. The show is so heated and these days it has peak of the popularity. Today we will provide you all Break Newsing of Big Boss 10 30 Nov 2016 house. We hope that you will enjoy our post of Big Boss 10 Nov 30, 2016.

House of Big Boss 10 is so heated because Captain Rohan has been dismissed and the selection procedure is going for new captain. The environment is very tense among the contestants. The fight is in its very typical mode for the seat of captain. Such type of politics haven’t seen in the house still.

Big Boss 10 30 Nov 2016 Live Episode 46, Written Updates, Hot Incidents
Big Boss 10 30 Nov 2016 Live Episode 46, Written Updates, Hot Incidents

Day 45 8:00 AM They Day starts with very famous song of Govinda ‘Me to Cycle se Jaa Raha Tha’. Everyone leaves their beds. But there was no water in washroom, kitchen, bathroom etc. But very soon water issue resolved.

9:00 AM Priyanka says that Manoj Punjabi don’t let her sleep. He also teases during the whole night. She asks to Monalisa that she does same with her. She makes fun of this and asks to Big Boss not to make his statement on air. Priyanka is teasing to Manoj Punjabi.
Day 45 10:00 AM Nitibha appears on the screen with the written slip of Big Boss task of luxury Budget.

The task name is ‘Jab tak Tumhare Pair Challenge’. The task is based on the performance of some house mates.

Big Boss stopped the supply of gas, water and other stuffs even housemates can’t sleep at night.

The task is for the house mates who are locked in challenging room. They are Rahul, Bani, Jason and Elena. Double seater bicycle is given to these four house mates. They will have to ride this bicycle in ther pair when they will stop the supply of household things will be stopped by Big Boss as we ll. They will have to use their feet on the paddles of bicycle for the sake of other house mates’ sleep. House mates won’t be allowed to sleep if bicycle riding is not continued. The light won’t be switched off during the task.

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Priyanka is the handler of this task and she is responsible to make sure that everyone is following the instructions of Big Boss. There is no captain in the house. So Priyanka will also take care of the rules of the house. She will be strongest candidate for the seat of captain, if she will pay her duties well. This was the announcement by Big Boss.

As the announcement finishes, everyone makes a round of applause for Priyanka. Everyone was looking happy.

But just God knows what was going on in the mind of house mates.

Priyanka calls it very sweet. Other house mates call her the strongest contender for the captaincy. Priyanka requests everyone not take personal if she says anything to any house mate.

Rahul, Bani, Jason and Elena were inside the task room and they were looking so tense. Their face was showing what’s going on their mind. Someone from the house mates says that make it clear to Priyanka that she doesn’t need to work as a captain. She is advised to ensure that everything in the house is going on well.

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Jason and Bani start to ride the bicycle and house mates got the water in their bathroom and kitchen etc.

Big Boss makes situation very funny for the audience. Bani and Jason start gossip about other housemates during their bicycle riding. Jason says that he wants to give any task to Mona.

Swami Om also reaches to Jason to know about his situation and they start their gossip meeting.

Day 45 5:45 PM Lopa and Manveer Gurjar appears on the TV screens. Lopa asks to Manveer about his dairy farm. Lopa also complaints to Manveer about his rude that he did with her other girls on this first day in the house.

Day 45 6:15 PM Gaurav appears on the screen and told to house mates about the rules and selection procedure of captain. He also announce about who will carry whom taste tube.

Day 45 7:15 PM Manoj Punjabi is talking about Bani with his team mates. He tells them about Bani’s plan. He says that Bani’s work in the house to divide the house mates.

In the night when time comes of sleep, everyone goes to one’s bed. But the night was full with disturbance. Whenever bicycle riders stop, the high volume siren starts which disturbed the sleep of entire house mates. It was a very funny moment. Every time a new siren with louder volume rings that makes difficult to sleep for all of the house mates. Swami Om was the most disturbing person. None of the person from Rahul, Bani, Jason and Elena was able to ride bicycle little more.

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Day 45 5:45 AM Jason and Bani appear on the screen and they were discussing about their situation. Bani said this is not good everyone is sleeping and we doing efforts to make better environment for their sleeping time.

The situation inside the challenging room was becoming difficult that was dividing house mates into two parts, one who is inside the challenging room and other who is outside creating tension among the house mates.

All the challengers Rahul, Bani, Jason and Elena were tired very badly. Bani refused to continue bicycle and due to this Big Boss has stopped the supply of gas once again. House mates were not able to cook their food. Everyone was dying due to hunger.

Day 45 7:30 AM Everyone wakes up. Swami says that all the challengers rode bicycle whole night. They all are tired very badly. So we can’t awake them. But we don’t have water to go washroom and no water in kitchen. No gas to prepare breakfast. The episode ended.

We think that this was one of the best episodes of Big Boss 10.

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