Big Boss 10 3rd December 2016 Episode 48, Live and Written Updates, Hot Incidences

Big Boss 10 3rd December 2016 Episode 48, Live and Written Updates, Hot Incidences: – We daily bring latest written updates of Big Boss 10. Today we are again back for you with Big Boss 10 3 December 2016 written updates. Yesterday we watched the hottest incidences of Big Boss 10 episode 47. Manveer got injury on his forehead during the task of Captaincy. He lost the task and also lost the captaincy. That’s all was his plan. He played very well and also won the heart of all other housemates along with the audience. Stay tune with us to get latest HD videos of Big Boss 10 3rd December 2016.

Big Boss 10 3rd December 2016 Episode 48, Live Updates, Hot Incidences
Big Boss 10 3rd December 2016 Episode 48, Live Updates, Hot Incidences

We also watched the hottest clash between Lopa and Baba ji. Lopa tried to hit Baba ji with tissue paper role and also threatened Baba ji. This was one of the interesting moment of Big Boss 10 2nd December 2016.

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This clash started after Priyanka got a injury in swimming pool due to a mistake of Lopa. Lopa tried to pull Priyanka inside the swimming pool. But she hit the wall of swimming pool. Stay tune with us and read Big boss 10 latest written updates.

The Host Salman Khan was in the house of Big Boss but nobody was aware about that because he was in activity area where he was having deep look on the all activities of the housemates.

Today Salman come in the house to do something amazing. “Sabki Paint Gili Karne Ke Liye”. He talks about Dostana of Manveer, Mona and Mannu. This Dostana now seems converting to the “Dost Tha Na”. We will also provide info about Big Boss 10 3 December Hd videos.

He also talks about Baba ji. He uncovers the reality of Baba ji. Salman gives a new name to Swami Om Ji. “Chori Chori Chupa Chupa Ke”.

He talks about another angle of the show. Priyanka Jagga and Monlisa and between of these two sexy girls Mannu as chatni.

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Salman Bhai tries to show that Mannu is looting fun from both sides.

He shows Bani as an alone warrior inside the house of Big Boss 10. Bani always react that she has nobody in her support inside the house. You can download videos of Big Boss 10 hot incidencies.

As the time passing, there are more actions are happening inside the house. Yes you got it we are talking about the clash of captaincy.

Big Boss 10 3rd Dec 2016 Nomination for Elimination: – There are two original contestants are nominated for the elimination process, they are Rahul and Bani. The other two contestants are nominated for the same and they are wild card entries. Their names are as Jason Shah and Elena Kazan. We will update you with Big Boss 10 written updates of latest episode.

Salman talks to Bani inside the house and says that she needs to control her emotions. There is no use of the emotions inside the house of Big Boss 10. He also appreciates the beauty of Bani. Yes shw was looking really beautifully.

Salman also gives a very interesting task to all housemates. The first task is given to  Baba ji and Gaurav. Baba ji does funny activities. We will bring for you Big Boss 10 written updates of episode 48.

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Salman asks to come forward to Lopa and new task starts of Baba ji with Lopa. Both of the housemates dance very funny.

Salman also discusses with housemates about the theft of Baba ji.

Salman asks to come forward to Mannu and tells him to rate wild card entry Sahil.

Mona, Lopa and Gaurav also come forward to rate Priyanka, Jason and Elena respectively. Stay tune with us to know what’s hot in Big Boss 10 3 December 2016.

The next question which comes out that is about the chair of ‘Khalnayak’ who will become Khalanayak of Day 48 Big Boss 10 House.

All the housemates were looking so united. They calls the name of Swami Om Ji for the seat of Khalnayak.

But Lopa goes for the name of Captain Gaurav. She tells to Salman Bhai about the incident of captaincy task. But she also considers to Om ji as a Khalnayak. You can download Big Boss 10 HD Videos.

Swami Om ji starts his drama. He accepts himself as Khalnayak.

Om ji takes seat of ‘Khalnayak’.

Mannu blames Bani for the sad incident during the task of captaincy. He calls her the captain of conspiracy.

Salman Bhai leaves the housemates for discussion.

The very hot argument takes place among Bani, Manveer and Mannu.

Rahul also calls the name of Swami Om ji for the seat of ‘Khalnayak’.

Finally, Swami Om ji takes the seat of ‘Khalnayak’.

Salman Bhai discusses to Gaurav about his new responsibility of captain. Visit official page and download hd videos of Big boss 10 3rd December 2016. Search in our page about who becomes new Khalnayak of Big Boss 10 House.

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Salman Bhai discuses to housemates about Rohan’s captaincy period. He also tells to Gaurav to make sure about cleanliness inside the house of Big Boss 10 because now he is a captain.

Manveer’s Bhabhi Sunita Bosaiya, Mannu’s fiancé Priyank Saini and Mona’s boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot enter to the house of Big Boss 10 Episode 3rd December to give shocks their loving ones. You can download MP4 videos of Big Boss 10.

Salman discuss with these all people about the performance of their loving ones.

Mona’s boyfriend Vikrant calls her ‘Fussu Bobmb’. He also says that she is not performing according to her capability. She is not taking care what to do she came inside the house. He also says that Mannu and Mona are closer than they need. You can watch Big Boss 10 3 Dec MP4 videos.

The next person was Priyanka Saini who calls the Priyanka a double game player. She also talks about her fiancé and he is getting closer to Mona.

Vikrant (Mona’s boyfriend) talks about his girlfriend. He says that Monnu loves very much to her fiancé Priyanka. He says that he doesn’t confirm about her girlfriend Mona. He calls to Manveer a real person and well player.

Salman Bhai asks to Vikrant who is approaching. Vikrant says undoubtedly that Mona is approaching to Mannu.

Manveer’s Bhabhi comments that Mona might be changed her mood towards Vikrant. It was very funny comment form Bhabhi ji.

Salman Bhai asks to Bhabhi why Priyanka is targeting to Mona. Bhabhi says that Priyanka thinks that they three are the strongest link of Big Boss 10 house.

The drama ended and Salman Bhai announces about the safe contestant. Salman Bhai announces Bani as one of the safest contestants among four. But there was no elimination in Big Boss 10 today episode. The elimination will be announced in Big Boss 10 4th December 2016 Episode 49. Salman Bhai left fans in doubt. He will select one eliminated contestant from Elena, Rahul and Jason.

What do you think? Who will be eliminated in Big Boss 10 Episode 49 4th December 2016?

We think that Rahul will be eliminated. What’s your view? Please share in comments box below and stay in touch with us to know more about written updates of Big Boss 10.

We daily bring for you the latest written updates of Big Boss 10. We hope that you’re enjoying the show and if you like our post. Don’t forget to share it. Download HD videos of Big Boss 10 3rd December 2016 and enjoy.

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