Chrisley Knows Best Season 4 2016 Episode 1, 2 1 November 2016

Chrisley Knows Best Season 4 2016 Episode 1, 2 1 November 2016

Chrisley Knows Best Season 4 2016 Episode 1, 2 1 November 2016 :- Chrisley Knows Best is an American TV Reality Show. It is aired on USA Network. It shows the story of Todd Chrisley and his family. The fourth session of the show is currently telecasted. It was mostly filmed in Nashville, Tennessee. The show is very entertaining, little funny, romance and shows the struggle of Chrisley.

Chrisley Knows Best Season 4 2016 Episode 1, 2 1 November 2016
Chrisley Knows Best Season 4 2016 Episode 1, 2 1 November 2016

Cast of the show “Chrisley Knows Best 4”: –

  • Todd Chrisley, a responsible father, a romantic husband and laborious businessman and also head of the family.
  • Julie Chrisley- Todd’s Wife
  • Lindsie Chrisley Campbell- She is Todd’s daughter with Therese. She also has a son, named Jackson.
  • Kyle Chrisley- Todd’s son with ex-wife Therese Terry. Now not part of the family. Father of Chole
  • Savannah Chrisley- She is the daughter of Todd with Julie. She is a beauty contest competitor.
  • Chase Chrisley- Oldest child of Todd with Julie
  • Grayson Chrisley- Todd and Julie’s youngest child
  • Chole Chrisley- Kyle’s daughter, raised by her grandparents.
  • Jackson Campbell- The son of Lindsie and her ex-husband.
  • Faye Chrisley- Todd’s mother

Production of the show: – The series of famous show is produced by Jim Sayer, Adam Greener and Stephanie Chambers. The first episode of first session was telecasted on USA Network and since then it is continue at same channel.

Have a quick look on seasons and episodes of the show:



Originally Telecast

First Telecast

Last Aired


8 March 11, 2014 April 22, 2014
2 12 October 14, 2014

December 16, 2014


19 June 2, 2015 December 23, 2015
4 26 March 8, 2016

November 1, 2016

We have a lot to share about the lovely show. But we should discuss about the current fourth session of the show. The fourth session for 2016 has on average 1.62 million viewers as per episode. (The source of the info is Wikipedia)

Season 4, Upcoming Episode of the show: – We have seen on many blogs, but nowhere the complete info the show is available.

Episode-25 The House that Todd Built: – The episode was first time aired on November 1, 2016. The episode was very entertaining and it also gives a message to society. If you have something, you must share it with others. Todd Charley and his family do this. They started to work with a charity firm to help the children for better education. Grayson’s project help them to do better.

Schedule of the show: – If you’ve missed the show, don’t worry. The show will be telecast soon on the given below dates.

Saturday    Nov 5    12:30AM   USA

Sunday       Nov 6    09:30AM   USA

Tuesday     Nov 8     02:35AM   USA

Season 4, Episode-26 A Very Chrisley: – The show was first aired on November 1, 2016. You must watch this very entertaining and funny episode. In this episode, Chrisley prepares participate in a Halloween decorating contest and his daughter share the secret of her relationship with Will.

Schedule of the Chrisley Knows Best Season 4 : – We know that many of fans have missed their favourite show. So we are sharing with you the time of re-telecast of the show. The time is given below.

Saturday   Nov 5    12:30AM   USA

Sunday      Nov 6    09:30AM   USA

Tuesday    Nov 8    02:35AM   USA

Season 2, Episode 1 Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter: –

Wow!! Boys, lovely smile on your faces. We like it. We know, what’s going on in your mind after reading the episode name ‘Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter’. This episode was aired on October 14, 2014 and arranged 1.62 million US viewers for USA Network. The show featured to Savannah Chrisley. She is the hottest daughter of Mr. Todd Chrisley. She was just 17 when season 2 started. This episode become so famous and got a lot of viewers. Now she is 19 and looks sexier and hotter than her teenage.

Schedule of the show: – There is too much demand of the show by viewers. So USA Network has decided for a retelecast of the show and it will be aired once again on given below date.

Tuesday    Nov 8    10:00PM   USA

We think that this is enough for now. We will get back to you very soon with latest and something really interesting about Chrisley’s family. Stay safe. Stay bless. Good luck.

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