Mahashivratri Katha in English-Hindi-Story Puja Vidhi-Shubh Muhurat-Timing-Mantra-Aarti

Mahashivratri Katha in English-Hindi-Story Puja Vidhi-Shubh Muhurat-Timing-Mantra-Aarti

Maha Shivaratri Story Mahashivratri Katha in Hindi :-Though many mythological stories about the mahaparva are valid, but the Hindu holy book the same date according to Shiva Purana Vidyeshwar Code Mahanisha incorporeal nature of God Bholenath sex symbol first worshiped by Brahma and Lord Vishnu is, whence the date was known as Shivaratri. Maha Shivaratri form of Lord Shiva is the destroyer in the time for the welfare of their beloved Disciples and Manipulation fruit supplier too.

Mahashivratri Katha in English-Hindi-Story Puja Vidhi-Shubh Muhurat-Timing-Mantra-Aarti
Mahashivratri Katha in English-Hindi-Story Puja Vidhi-Shubh Muhurat-Timing-Mantra-Aarti

Maha Shivratri Puja Shubh Muhurat

Nishita Kaal Puja Time = 24:08+ to 24:59+

On 25th Feb 2017, Maha Shivaratri Parana Time = 06:54 to 15:24

Ratri 1st Prahar Puja Time = 18:13 to 21:23

Ratri 2nd Prahar Puja Time = 21:23 to 24:33

Ratri 3rd Prahar Puja Time = 24:33+ to 27:44

Ratri 4th Prahar Puja Time = 27:44+ to 30:54

Maha Shivratri Puja Vidhi

It is proposed to have quite recently single supper a day before Maha Shivaratri fasting. It is one of the essential chips away at in the midst of fasting to guarantee any undigested support is not left in the absorption structure on the fasting day.

Upon the landing of Shivaratri, one should ascend at a youthful hour in the morning and tidy up. It is prescribed to incorporate dull sesame seeds into the water. It is assumed that the consecrated shower upon the landing of Shivaratri purifies the body and in addition the soul. If possible giving in Ganges is favored.

In the wake of tidying up aficionados should take Sankalp (संकल्प) to watch whole day fast and to break the snappy on the next day. In the midst of Sankalp fans pledge for confidence all through the fasting time span and search for endowment of Lord Shiva to finish the brisk with no impedance. Hindu fasts are strict and people guarantee for confidence and search for God supporting before starting them to finish them adequately.

Partners should shun all kind of sustenance in the midst of the fasting. In the strict sort of fasting even water is not allowed. Regardless, usage of verdant sustenances is proposed in the midst of day time which should be trailed by strict fasting in the midst of night. In that capacity in the midst of day time verdant nourishments can be eaten up.

Devotees should clean in the earlier night doing Shiva Puja or going to asylum. If one is not prepared to visit the haven then stopgap Shiva Ling can be made to perform Puja works out. One can even shape the mud in Linga outline and apply Ghee to perform Abhishek Puja at home.

Shiva Puja should be done in the midst of night. Shivaratri Puja can be performed one time or four conditions in the midst of the night. The whole night term can be apportioned into four to get four Prahar (प्रहर) to perform Shiva Puja four conditions. Partners who need to perform single Puja should do it in the midst of midnight. You should check Maha Shivaratri Puja Timings to know timings of four Prahars for your city.

As per Puja Vidhi, Abhishek of Shiva Lingam should be performed with different materials. The deplete, rose water, sandalwood stick, yogurt, nectar, Ghee, sugar and the water are routinely used for Abhishek. Mates, who perform four Prahar Puja, must perform water Abhishek in the midst of first Prahar, curd Abhishek in the midst of second Prahar, Ghee Abhishek in the midst of third Prahar and nectar Abhishek in the midst of fourth Prahar isolated from various materials.

After the Abhishek custom, Shiva Linga is enriched with the trim made of Bilva gets out. It is assumed that Bilva leaves chill off Lord Shiva.

After that Chandan or Kumkum is associated with the Shiva Linga which is trailed by lighting light and Dhupa. Substitute things which are used to decorate Lord Shiva fuse bloom of Madar (मदार) which is generally called Aak (आक), Vibhuti which is generally called Bhasm. Vibhuti is blessed slag which is made using dried ox-like compost.

The mantra to serenade in the midst of Puja traverse is ॐ नमः शिवाय (Om Namah Shivaya).

Fans should soften the snappy after day up the wake of scouring. Fans should break the speedy among day break and before the complete of Chaturdashi Tithi to get most outrageous preferred standpoint of the Vrat. If its all the same to you check Maha Shivaratri page to know a chance to break the fast for your city.

MahaShivratri Aarti for Lord Shiva Pooja Lyrics

Aagyi Mahashivratri padharo Shankarji,

Ho padharo Shankarji, Aarti utare paar

Utaro Shankarji, ho utaro Shankarji

Tum nayan nayanme ho man man me dham tera.

He Neelkanth hai kanth kanth me naam tera,

Ho Devon ke Dev jagat ke pyare Shankarji.

Tum raj mahal me, Tum hi bikhari ke ghar me,

Dharti per tera charan mukut hai ambar pe.

Sansar Tumhara ek hamare Shankarji,

Tum duniya besa kar bharam ramane wale ho.

Papi ke bhi rakhwale bhole bhale ho,

Duniya me bhi do din to gujaro Shankarji.

Kya bhent cherhaye tan maila ghar suna hai,

Le lo aansoo ke gangajal ka namuna hai.

Aakerke nayan me charan pakharo Shankarji.

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