Sexual Assault Allegations on Donald Trump

Sexual Assault Allegations on Donald Trump

Sexual Assault Allegations on Donald Trump :- 2001 Miss USA contestant said Trump entered in changing room forcefully when we were naked. Women told us on terms of hiding her name, “He barged into the room, he stood full shamelessly and stared at us. All young girls were dressing themselves for pageant.”

“Donald Trump entered to the room willingly. If I’m wrong, then why he stayed there more than a minute. He stared us, while we were naked and getting dressed for the rehearsal of Pageants 2001.”  Another former contestant said.

Sexual Assault Allegations on Donald Trump
Sexual Assault Allegations on Donald Trump

New Allegations against Republican  Candidate Donald Trump

“Mr Trump stood at entrance and smiled. He was staring us. Two women were dressing themselves. But they covered themselves.” She added.

Another contestant commented on his attitude, “He reacted like that he wanted to say. I did it because I can.”

She continued and said, “He excused himself with saying he was looking for someone. He walked in and he stood. He stared us. It was a very embarrassing moment of each of the women there in dressing room.”

It’s looking like Donald Trump is going to lose the race of US Presidential Election

The incident happened in a dressing room behind the stage of Genesis Convention Centre in Gary, Indiana.”

Another woman, who was the important part of the contest, told us on the terms of hiding her name, “Trump was just taking advantage of owning the contest of Pageant which was broadcasted on NBC.”

Donald Trump is facing many accusations of sexual harassment since the day he started his presidential election campaign.

US media also released a 2005 tape of Trump. In which he did offensive comments on school going girl.

News of allegations comes from The New York Times. A woman told to NYT “I had met Donald Trump in a flight. He started to touch my body. It was so weird. He grabbed me in his arms and kissed me. His hands were everywhere. He was behaving like an octopus.”

Reporter of People Magazine also confirmed that the all the allegations are true. I also had a worst experience with Republican Presidential candidate. She said that she was kissed by him forcefully.

In a rally at Florida, Donald Trump told to his supporters all the allegations are vicious claims, totally and absolutely false. These events never ever happened.”

He also made a tweet on these so called allegations and claimed, “It is all total fabrication.”

Whatever Mr. Trump these allegations have ruined your image. Now, you are so backward in the race of US Presidential Election.

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