Shocking Pictures of Wounded Syrian Girl Go Viral

Shocking Pictures of Wounded Syrian Girl Go Viral

Blood is Falling Down Her Face, Shouting for Her Father, Her House was Destroyed by an Airstrike

Shocking Pictures of Wounded Syrian Girl Go Viral :- Another shocking but powerful pictures of a wounded Syrian girl go viral on social media. Talbiseh Media Center, which is an activist group, posted on-line a few images and videos. An 8 year old traumatized girl is shouting for her father with blood going down from her face in the video. Body and hair of this girl are covered with dust and she is looking so scared and keeps shouting for her father. There is blood on her forehead going down through nose.


A man is trying to talk to her and asks for her name.

She replies, crying “Aya.”

“Where were you when this happened?” the asker throws her next question.

“At home but the roof fell on us”, she replies again, crying and looking around for her father.

Oh daddy, daddy, please come,” she says, crying. She sobs and the hospital staff cleans her face and do bandage to her wounds.

Shocking Pictures of Wounded Syrian Girl Go Viral
Shocking Pictures of Wounded Syrian Girl Go Viral

Aya and her family members were rescued from under their fallen home in Talbiseh, on Monday. An airstrike ruined their home. Talbiseh is large town in North-western Syria and it’s about 10 Km far away from Homs in North. Aya has mother, father and three siblings, all are wounded in airstrike.

An activist told us over phone that Aya has been reunified with her family and everything going well now. She is the oldest among her siblings. As the house has been destroyed by the airstrike, now the family is searching a safe place to hide their heads.


Eyewitnesses said that it was the horrible incidents when a fighter plane passed away over our heads and two missiles, one after one, threw on our houses. The environment was full with a lot of dust. Everyone was crying and shouting for their loving ones. At least 30 wounded people and two were killed in three strikes in residential area.

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