Super Dancer 5th Nov 2016 Ep 16 Super 8 All Performances

Super Dancer 5th Nov 2016 Ep 16 Super 8 All Performances

Super Dancer 5th Nov 2016 Ep 16 Super 8 All Performances :- Super Dancer is an Indian Hindi Kids Dance reality Show which Airs on Sony Entertainment Television. The show was premiered on 10th September 2016. This is first season of the show. The show is produced by Ranjeet Thakur and Hemant Ruprell. This show is aired at 8 PM every Saturday and Sunday. The show is hosted by Rithvik Dhanjani. He proved himself great artist as a host. The show is sponsored by Patanjali. Super Dancer 5th Nov 2016.

Super Dancer 5th Nov 2016 Ep 16 Super 8 All Performances
Super Dancer 5th Nov 2016 Ep 16 Super 8 All Performances

Super Dancer 5 November Full Written Updates : – Today’s show was started by a quick look on last performances of all the 8 remaining contestants. Then the both hosts of Super Dancer Rithvik and TRP Mama ji appeared on the stage. Both were carrying guitars in their hands and created a very funny environment at the show. They made a lot of fun. TRP Mama ji was the center of the fun most of the time. TRP Mama ji flirted with Shilpa Shetty and sung for her, “Tum dil ki dhadkan me Rehte Hai”. Super Dancer 5 Nov 2016.

Performances of Super Dancer 5 November: – All the contestants performed in Super Dancer very well and adorable.

  1. Yogesh and Vaibhav: – Yogesh came with his coach Vaibhav on the stage. Yogesh the boy of Mathura, performed excellent and daring with his coach on ‘Jungle Book Theme’. Yogesh performed the role of mongli and Vaibhav as tiger. The performance was excellent by both of the performers. There was also happened an small accident. Vaibhav was performing the role of lion and jumped in air. He was sick and got allergy due to smoke. But doctor cared him very well and soon everything was fine on the stage. Watch Online Super Dancer 5 November 2016 Full Episode.

Comments of Judges:

Shilpa: -Super performance, super attitude and for Yogesh ‘Super se bahut uppar’.

Anurag Basu- Anurag sir also made many positive comments. He said about Yogesh that this was the greatest performance by him.

Geeta Maa: – She said excellent for both of the contestants and made an standing ovation for Vaibhav and also said that he is doing very well as a teacher.

  1. Ditya and Rual: – The second performance made by Ditya and Raul. They performed on ‘Babuji Dheeri Chalo’. Their performance was adorable. Her face expression was best ever made by her. Both of performers made an excellent and amazing performance. Don’t Miss Super Dancer Episode 16.

Comments of Judges: –

Shilpa: She said many things about this performance like perfection, well finished and amazing timing.

Anurag Basu: Anurag sir also made positive comments.

Geeta Maa: But Geeta Maa found something wrong in the performance and she said that there is little requirement of improvement. Otherwise the overall performance is very good. Super Dancer 5 November 2016

Funny moments of Dipali and Ditya: – As we know, Ditya likes to wear boyish dresses most of the time. But in this performance she was wearing a girl’s dress. The Host Rithvik showed a funny video of Dipali and Ditya, in which Dipali was teaching to Ditya. Ditya’s class was how to look like a girl, how to make girls like expression. It was very funny moment in the show.

  1. Dipali and Sonali: Dipali performed with her teacher Sonali on ‘Mujhe Yu Hi Karke Khwabo Se Juda’. This was very touchy performance. It made eyes wet of person in the show. The performance was very creative. The theme of the performance

Watch Online Video of Super Dancer 5th November 2016 Episodes

Comments of Judges:

Each and every person made a standing ovation for this performance. This was the biggest comment on their performance. Bigg Boss 10 Day 21 5 November 2016

Anurag Basu: Anurag sir was really impressed with the performance. He said it was outstanding.

Getta Maa: Geeta Maa couldn’t say anything but her standing ovation was enough to say her feelings. She was really impressed and emotional with the performance. She said, “Dipali is a Good actor and outstanding dancer. She can do anything. Nobody can compete with her.” She said for all of the dancers of Super Dancer that they are the future of dance and choreographer of tomorrow. Don’t forget to Watch Mp4 Videos Super Dancer 5-11-2016 Full Episode on youtube official page.

Shilpa: Shilpa appreciated to Dipali’s performance and said, “Super se bahut Uppar”.

The host TRP Mama Ji also became so emotional and said few very energetic lines. Let’s have a look on those lines.

       Maa hu mai, Beti hu mai..

       Is desh ki pehchan hu.

       Hai Jahan ka noor jisse mai wahi vardan hu.

       Ghar-ghar jalte Laaz ki diye ki lau hu mai..

       Khakh kar de dushman roop durga wo hu mai.

       Or agar mit mai jahan se, to asamn fat jayega

       Har jagah matam manega.

       Khud Khuda bhi mit jayega.

These were the most adorable lines from the host TRP Mama ji.

  1. Siddhanth and Shyam: They performed on ‘Laya hai Raja’. Their dancing style was Tollywood. But it was fantabulous and really amazing.

Comments of Judges:

Anurag Basu: Anurag sir said for Siddhanth that he is attitude is very good. He is Amul Pareker from inside but from inside he is really looks like Govinda. He said superb for the performance.

Shilpa: She said that Siddhanth can communicate through his dance. She was happy with performance and she also appreciated the choreography of Shyam. She said there was perfect co-ordination in the performance.

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Geeta Maa: Geeta Maa was looking impressed with the performance. She welcomed to Shyam. She asked to Shyam to make sure that Siddhanth must perform like a king every week. She appreciated the co-ordination of choreography and dancing, teacher and student. Watch every single performance Video of Super Dancer Ep 16 5 Nov 2016 on Official Page of Sony Entertainment Televison.

Super Dancer Top 8 Contestants

  1. Ashish Das (Guwahati)
  2. Dipali Borkar (Pune)
  3. Ananya Choksi (Raipur)
  4. Yogesh (Mathura)
  5. Masoom Narzary (Guwahati)
  6. Ditya Sagar Bhande (Mumbai)
  7. Laxman Kambhar (Raipur)

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