Super Dancer Episode 18, 6 November 2016

Super Dancer Episode 18, 6 November 2016

Super Dancer Episode 17, November 6, 2016: – The TV Reality Dancing Show Super Dancer is getting popularity day by day. Performance of contestants is really amazing from its first episode. It’s getting popularity more than expectations. It’s entertaining to audience and judges. All of the contestants are doing such performances which create tough situations for judges while taking decisions. All the coaches are very supportive. It’s impossible to perform for contestants without the guidance of their coaches. All contestants are doing according to their coaches. Episode 16 of November 5 was really great. All the performances were having little laughter, love and fun. We are not watching such a wonderful show these days like Super Dancer. The Show is airs on Sony Entertainment Television. Dear readers, you should watch Super Dancer Episode 17, November 6. Super Dancer gave another wonderful episode from its stage. TRP of Sony Entertainment Television has increased due to Super Dancer. Sony TV took a very good decision to broadcast Super Dancer on its channel. Today’s episode 17 of Super Dancer has set another mile stone.

Super Dancer Episode 18, 6 November  2016
Super Dancer Episode 18, 6 November 2016

Ladies and gentleman if you have missed the show, don’t worry, we are here for you with written updates of Super Dancer November 6, Episode 17.

Super Dancer encourages to your children to do something entertaining and new in their life.

These types of show play a very important role in our children’s lives. So stay tune with us for latest written updates of Super Dance November 6, Episode 17.

Yesterday four out eight dancers could perform. Today’s performance were given left four dancers. The contestants who performed today are Masoom, Laxman, Ashish.

Let’s have a look on the performances of all the four contestants.

  1. Ashish and Lipsa: – Ashish and Lipsa choose the song ‘Tanhai’. They gave an outstanding performance. The theme of the dance was comparison between children by their parents. It gives depression to children nothing else. Moments in the performance were choreographed as per the beets of the theme. The dancing style was It was the great performance of Super Dancer Episode 17, 6 November.

Comments of Judges: All the three Judges have enjoyed the performance a lot. They cheered with audience.

Geeta Maa: Geeta Maa was looking very happy with performance. She said that dancing style was created according to the lyrics.

Anurag Basu: Anurag sir also made positive comments. He was looking really impressed with the performance. He said Ashish is a hard working child and he is improving his steps. He also appreciated Lipsa. He said that Lipsa did a hard work on Ashis and helped him a lot to improve. Thus she created a diamond.

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Shilpa: Shilpa said that the performance was having a nice message and the concept was also really amazing. You both gave a very nice message to all of the parents who are watching us. “Every child decides its destiny itself. Let them live their lives. Let them fly freely” she added.

If you’ve missed the show, don’t worry videos are available for you. Download latest video of Super Dancer.

  1. Masoom and Palden: Masoom and her coach Palden decided to perform on ‘Diliwali Girlfriend’. And what a fantabulous performance it was. Masoom was dancing like a rubber doll. Her body seemed such that it’s not having a single bone. Their dancing style was Latin. It was a breathtaking and outstanding performance.

Comments of Judges: Judges cheered and enjoyed the performance a lot. Shilpa was one of the judges who cheered the most. Download MP4 vidoes of Super Dancer 6 November Episode 17.

Anurag Sir: Anurag sir made his first comment for Masoom and his coach Palden. He said nobody can perform without a teacher. So it was a great choreography.

Shilpa: She said that it was the best performance by the pair. We got to see a new avtaar of Masoom and her teacher Palden. She called the choreography very beautiful and act was ‘Super Se Upar’.

Geeta Maa: Geeta Maa said that it was brilliant to see the new side of Masoom and Palden. She called the performance very lovely. Every step was done very nicely and smoothly. She also made a standing ovation. MP4 or 3GP Videos of Super Dancer 6 November Episode 17.

  1. Laxman and Paul: Laxman started his performance with his wonderful coach Paul. They selected song ‘Tum Ho To’. Basically it was a lyrical performance.

Dancing style was lyrical contemporary. The theme was based on ‘Litter Picker’.

Comments of Judges: The performance was outstanding.  It was such a wonderful performance which forced to judges to make standing ovation.

Shilpa: Shilpa enjoyed the performance. She said that a great teach can teach anything to its pupil. We can do anything by our hard work. She called the performance ‘Super Se Bhi Bahut Upar’. MP4 or 3GP Videos of Super Dancer 6 November Episode 17.

Anurag Basu: Anurag sir called the performance amazing. Words are not enough to appreciate. The most important thing is what you want to do. Go for that nothing else.

Geeta Maa: She called outstanding and super to the performance. The each act in the dance was memorable. Videos of Super  Dancer.

  1. Ananya and Amrita: – The forth performance was given by very cute Ananya and her instructor the very beautiful Amrita. They decided to perform on ‘Kajrare Kajrare Tere Naina’. The dancing style was Robotics. Both of the contestants were wearing silver colour painted dress and their body were also painted in silver colour. The performance was fully robotics. They forced to audience to cheer for them. Judges also made a huge round of applause for both them.

If you’ve missed the performance of your favourite contestant, Don’t worry. Download MP4 Videos of Super Dancer. There were a lot of great performances in Super Dancer Episode 17 6 November.

Comments of Judges: All the three judges were looking positive for the outstanding performance.

Shilpa: The very first comment came from Shilpa. She appreciated the performance. It was versatile performance. This kind of performance can be expected only from Ananya. She said that I have never seen such a wonderful and robotic performance on Kajrare. Videos of Super Dancer 6 November.

Anurag Basu: Anurag sir said big thing in a few words. He also commented on the versatility of Ananya. He also said for her coach Amrita that versatility of Ananya has forced her to search something new experiments every time which can challenged to Ananya’s personality and attitude.

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Geeta Maa: Geeta Maa appreciated their costumes and said that the performance was very good. Both of the performers have shown their talent.

Competition is getting tougher in Super Dancer in every episode. You should help judges and production house via your votes. Use your valuable votes. You can vote via official site of Sony Entertainment. You can also download SonyLiv App on your android mobile to vote for your favourite contestant.

Viewers also can vote via log in/register with email id and also via Facebook. Each account equals to 100 votes. Download Super Dancer Videos MP4 or 3GP.

You can also use SMS or missed call facility.

Voting Lines (open to close time)-

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Don’t forget to vote for your favourite contestant. We are trying our best to do better for your enjoyment. If we are doing something wrong or missing, please mention in comment box or  contact us.  We hope that you are enjoying our written updates of Super Dancer. Share the post with your friends and family members via social sites i.e. facebook, whatsaap, twitter etc. Thank you for visiting your favourite site. Stay tune with us to get latest information of the Super Dancer. Download Videos of Super Dancer Episode 17.

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