The Voice Season 11, Episode 14, The Raod To The Live Show 1 November 2016

The Voice Season 11, Episode 14, The Raod To The Live Show

The Voice Season 11, Voting methods, Episode 14, The Road to the Live Shows

The Voice is an American Television reality show which is aired on channel NBC. The Voice is a very entertaining and memorable show  which is being preferred by the fans since its first season which was first aired on April 26, 2011.

The Eligible Age for The Voice: – Anyone who is 13 years or above is eligible for The Voice auditions but now there is no chance to enter in the show because it has been started and these days The Voice is on its peak.

Coaches and Hosts: – We saw two changes in Season 11 of The Voice. Coaches Pharrell Williams and Christina Aguilera were replaced by Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus. They will join to Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

Teams of The Voice: – The Teams of The Voice are so unique. Teams’ names start with first name of their coach. You didn’t get it. Don’t worry. Have a look.

         Coach                  Team

  1. Adam Levine        Team Adam

    The Voice Season 11, Episode 14, The Raod To The Live Show
    The Voice Season 11, Episode 14, The Raod To The Live Show
  2. Miley Cyrus          Team Miley
  3. Alicia Keys            Team Alicia
  4. Blake Shelton       Team Blake

Episodes of The Voice Season 11

  1. Episode 1- September 19
  2. Episode 2- September 20
  3. Episode 3- September 26
  4. Episode 4- September 27
  5. Episode 5- October 3
  6. Episode 6- October 4
  7. Episode 7- October 10
  8. Episode 8- October 11
  9. Episode 9- October 17
  10. Episode 10- October 18
  11. Episode 11- October 24
  12. Episode 12- October 25
  13. Episode 13- October 31
  14. Episode 14- November 1

The Voice Season 11, Episode 14, The Raod To The Live Show: – This was an amazing episode of The Voice Season 11. The episode was aired in a special time of 1 hour and as usual aired on NBC. This episode was a knockout round and many shocking decision were given by the judges. The top moments of the season 11 was aired once again to make wonderful memories for contestants. Previous unseen and funny footage of training session were also included.

Let’s have a look on top contestant’s performances of the knockout round.

Team Miley: Maye Thomas vs Darby Walker

Darby Walker started with song ‘Shake It Out’ of Florence + The Machine and he gave such a amazing performance which rocked everybody. The judges couldn’t stop themselves for saying that it was looking like Florence Welch gave a performance on her own song.

Darby had finished her finished her performance. Now it was time for Maye Thomas. She started with ‘Closer’ of Tegan. She performed in such way which couldn’t put him in the competition and she lost to get a place in top 20.

Winner: Darby Walker

Team Alicia: Michael Sanchez vs SaRayah

Michael decided to play with ‘Just The Two of Us’ of Bill Withers. He did very well but couldn’t compete with SaRayah. SaRayah performed ‘Ain’t Nobody’ of Chaka Khan. Brock Lesnar VS Goldberg WWE Survivor Series 2016

Winner: SaRayah

Team Blake: Gabe Broussard vs Austin Allsup

Austin started with Tom Petty’s ‘Breakdown’ and he gave a memorable performance.

Gabe decided to play with ‘It will Rain’ of Bruno Mars and it was the deadliest performance.

Winner: Austin Allsup

Team Adam: Brendam Fletcher vs Nolan Neal

Nolan went with Steven Tyler’s ‘Love is Your Name’. It was a nice performance but not enough to impress judges and audience. But the opponent was still left.

And the times came, when Brendan started his turn with ‘Soulshine’ by Allman Brothers. He performed very well.

It was a little tough call for judges.

Winner: Brendan Fletcher

Team Blake: Dana Harper vs Karlee Metzger

It was Karlee’s turn. She was on the stage in a very sexy dress. She went with ‘Invincible’ by Kelly Clarkson.

Dana Harper played with James Morrison’s ‘You Give Me Something’.

It was a great, very entertaining and breathtaking performance.

Team Miley: Aaron Gibson vs Josh Halverson

Aaron started with ‘Die A Happy Man’ by Thamos Rhett. It was one of the greatest performance by this singer.

Josh also performed very well but couldn’t compete.

Winner: Aaron Gibson

How to Vote for The Voice Season 11, 2016

There are so many ways of voting for The Voice Season 11. Our readers must check out the different ways to cast your valuable votes.

Please have a look on methods of voting for The Voice Season 11, 2016

Online voting

Click here to use your valuable votes for your favourite contestants. You can visit also directly on the official website of NBC. You can vote upto 10 times for contestants by using this method and email address. Viewers also can vote via Facebook.

Voting via iTunes

There is a very interesting method to vote for your favourite contestants. You just will have to download the song of your contestant. As your download will finish, your vote will be cast. The votes will be open only during voting session.

Using The Voice App to Vote

If you are having trouble to vote for your favourite contestant, don’t worry there is very simple way to vote for The Voice Season 11, 2016. Open play store in your android phone and download The Voice App. You can easily vote via The Voice App. We hope that you’re enjoying the show. Don’t forget to vote for your favourite contestants.

Competition in the show is getting tougher by every episode. Contestants’ art sparkles are coming out. We hope you’re enjoying the very well. Stay tune with us for the latest information of The Voice Season 11. Be ready for the Live Playoffs of The Voice Season 11 which will start on November 7, 2016. Thanks for visiting. Stay safe. Stay blessed. Good luck.

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