WWE Monday Night Raw Results 11/28/16 All Matches Live updates

WWE Monday Night Raw Results 11/28/16 All Matches Live updates

This was a very beautiful and entertaining night of Raw. WWE presented best rivals in Monday Night Raw Nov 28, 2016. We brought Monday Night Raw Results and Live Commentary. Let’s have a look on all the results of Monday Night Raw matches. You can also watch all the matches of Monday Night Raw 11/28/16 only on the official page of WWE.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results28 Nov 2016 All Matches Live Updates
WWE Monday Night Raw Results 28 Nov 2016 All Matches Live Updates

Raw Women’s Championship Match- Sasha Banks vs Charlotte

As we told you in our last post about this match, this match was full of entertaining clash between these two bitter rivals. The match has no disqualification or count outs. Sasha was the first who made her attractive entry. Next entrance was given by Charlotte flair.

The match started off by two rivals for Raw Women’s Championship Title. Sasha was looking so confident. Charlotte gave upper hand to Sasha but she received kick on her face in return and Sasha forced her to send out of the ring. Sasha sent Charlotte outside the ring with suplex.

Sasha brought Charlotte inside the ring and gave her few more punches. Sasha covered her for a pin but Charlotte resisted.

Charlotte stood up but Sasha through her out of the ring with a kick. She flew high over the ropes and busted Charlotte on the floor. Still Sasha was looking heavy on Charlotte. Charlotte also give few punches to Sasha she couldn’t overcome. The battle was still going on the floor outside the ring.

Sasha got a stick and started to beat Charlotte. Charlotte pushed away to Sasha and Sasha was on the floor. But she again stood up. Sasha was fighting like she came to ring only for victory.

Charlotte gave few suplex to Sasha and both of the rivals were on the floor. Oh this time Charlotte stood and made a lock with her feet. Sasha came out of this by hitting stick on Charlotte’s knees.

The audience were cheering this is Sasha. Charlotte tried to come in her real image. Charlotte was on the table and she flew high and fallen down on Sasha Banks. This was falls count anywhere match. So referee counted but Charlotte failed to get the surrender of Sasha Banks.

This time Sasha Banks’ chance, she flew high. She was over Charlotte but Charlotte wasn’t ready for her defeat. So she resisted.

Charlotte and Sasha were among the audience. Sasha trapped to Charlotte in the rallying and this time she succeeded to get the victory against Charlotte via Submission. This match of WWE Raw 28/11/16 is available on the official youtube page of WWE.

Result: Sasha defeated Charlotte via Submission and become new Raw Women’s Champion

After the match, Ric Flair (father of Charlotte Flair) came and raised Sasha’s hand for fabulous victory. He also hugged her and wishes for future as a champion.

Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens

This was one of the most interesting matches of Monday Night Raw. The United States Champion Roman Reigns came out first and Kevin Owens was next. Owens was the one who attacked to Roman first. He continuously beat him and put in the corner. Owens ruled the most of the time of the match. It was looking like Owens is going to take this match. Owens throttled Reigns with his foot and gave his popular moves. But this was Roman Reigns who was not ready for his defeat. He was resisting like he came to the ring only for victory.

In the last moment of the match, both superstars were outside the ring. Reigns runs over the steel steps and gave Superman punch on Owens’ face. Next move of Reigns was a spear which put Owens in the corner of the ring. But Owens woke up from the intoxication of Reigns’ punches and he countered with a Kick. But Roman didn’t lose his momentum. And gave one more spear to Owens. Thus this was the end of Owens and the match. Roman Reigns got success to set his empire. This match of Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns Monday Night Raw 28/11/16 can be watched on the official Youtube page of WWE.

Tag Team Championship Match: New Day vs Anderson and Gallows

There was first entrance by New Day against their bitter rivals Anderson and Gallows. Fans were cheering for them. Next entry was made by Anderson with his partner Gallows.

The match begun when Karl Anderson and Xavier Woods came inside the ring. It was looking like Anderson and Gallows will win this match easily. But it wasn’t happened. New Day fought like real warriors. There were many moments seen by audience when everyone thought that it is the end of the match. But New Day showed amazing momentum against two big dogs and won the match via Pinfall. This was very fantastic can be watch on Youtube as New Day vs Anderson and Gallows Monday Night Raw 28/11/16.

Another interesting moments of Monday Night Raw

Cruiserweight Match: Noam Dar vs Rich Swann Monday Night Raw Nov 28, 2016

This match was also very entertaining. Noam Dar and Rich Swann showed nice potential. But Noam Dar couldn’t take to Rich Swann too long. You must watch this match Rich Swann vs Noam Dar Monday Night Raw Nov 28, 2016 on the official Youtube channel of WWE. The match of Rich Swann vs Noam Dar Monday Night Raw Nov 28, 2016 can be watched on Youtube.

Result: Rich Swann defeated Noam Dar via Pinfall

Rusev Vs Enzo Amore Monday Night Raw Nov 28, 2016

Rusev came to the ring for the revenge of the insult of his wife which was done by Enzo Amore. Enzo said that Rusev beaten him last week because it was his luckiest day. He also said that this was also Lana’s luckiest day because she saw him naked. The match of Enzo Amore vs Rusev Monday Night Raw 28-11-16 can be watched only on Youtube.

Result: Enzo Amore defeated Rusev via disqualification

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